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Top 10 Dont’s for Indian Students or Workers Abroad.

March 26, 2012

I Recently came across a blog that clearly states the Top 10 Dont’s for Indian Students or Workers Abroad.  This applies to almost any person or people from any country that go to a foreign nation for pursuing their higher education or to a foreign worker. These are the most common issues that a Student or a Foreign worker gets into that causes jeopardy to his personal life and career rest of his stay in a foreign country. Though these look very simple issues but these due to the nature of the Crime, they cause a lot of Stress and Strain in your life. So Please stay away from them.

You can Go to any legal , immigration, and or any other forum and you would be totally surprised to see as to how many folks are suffering because of these issues.

  1. Dont Sell Beer or Alcohol to a Minor.
  2.  Dont Sell Cigarettes and or Tobacco to a Minor.
  3. Dont Chat with a Minor Girl or Boy, on internet chats and specially watch your language.
  4. Dont Solicit a prostitute.
  5. Dont get into Domestic violence issues, don’t fight or get physical or  harm your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend.
  6. Dont Drive a Vehicle without a valid license, Insurance and Registration.
  7. Dont drive under the influence, even if you had only a drink or a beer.
  8. Dont download illegal or pirated movies or songs , especially English Movies and songs.
  9. Dont Steal, Shoplfit or petty thefts.
  10. Dont Drive Recklessly or Above the Speed Limits.

So folks keep these in mind and Respect the Law. so not only students or foreign workers, these rules should be followed by anyone to be a good citizenship. these rules apply not only to USA but also to many other countries.


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  1. Good Informaiton, i was searching the web and found some links but nothing compared to your post with all the info in a structured format

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